salterioA small gem, used in 18th century Italy. The salterio uses thin iron and brass strings, 4 strings per course. Its range is g-f3. If you love the light sounds of baroque music, this is for you. This is a copy of an instrument by one of the most famous salterio makers, Battaglia, which is now in Snowshill Manor, England. Usually an instrument of this type would have been plucked or hammered and I provide hammers based on some surviving 18th century hammers in the Brussels Museum collection. The hammers are very delicate to suit the very light string design. The parchment rosettes are carefully punched and carved to a traditional design. The salterio is small and very light.

Original 18th century music for the salterio, retrieved from Italian, Spanish and other European libraries, is now in print and available from me.

Price: $2,250
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